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Replenish, restore, and rebuild collagen in the skin from inside out

Not just another filler. Sculptra® is a biostimulatory aesthetic injectable that helps stimulate your own natural collagen production to smooth facial wrinkles and improve skin tightness, revealing a refreshed-looking you. Additional benefits of this injectable treatment performed at Bloom Aesthetics include:

  • Minimizing lines, creases, and wrinkles

  • Stimulating new collagen production

  • Enhancing skin health

  • Minimally invasive with limited discomfort

  • Fast treatment sessions

  • No downtime and no scarring

  • Long-lasting, natural-looking results

  • FDA-approved

Volume loss occurs during the natural aging process, particularly in the face as the cheeks tend to become hollow and flat over time. Our Orlando, Florida team offers Sculptra®, a poly-l-lactic acid filler that we use to provide long-lasting volume replacement in the face. In addition to improving the contours of the mid-face, Sculptra® can reduce the look of fine to deep wrinkles and lines, like the nasolabial folds (also known as smile or laugh lines) that run from the sides of the nose down to the outer corners of the mouth. With its unique formula, Sculptra® helps to increase the natural collagen production in your body, so even after you stop getting treatments, your skin will be stronger and healthier compared to before.

Sculptra being done in our Med Spa at Bloom Aesthetics
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Boost natural collagen, improve skin quality, and bring out your youthful glow with Sculptra®

Sculptra logo and packaging

After age 20, you lose about 1% of collagen per year. Sculptra® is the first and original FDA-approved poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA-SCA) facial injectable that targets fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of aging due to collagen loss, gradually helping restore skin structure and volume

Sculptra® is ideal for patients who want to add fullness to their cheeks without implants and surgery. Candidates may have been born with flat cheeks, while other patients experience volume loss with age. Sculptra® may also be used to fill shallow to severe facial lines and wrinkles, including chin wrinkles, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds. Since Sculptra helps to prompt the body's natural production of collagen in the skin, most patients will see a visible improvement in the overall health and appearance of their skin.

Sculptra logo

How Sculptra works within the skin to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production.

Following an in-depth consultation to create a personalized treatment plan, you will receive your injections in one of our procedure rooms. To help you stay comfortable and at ease, we can use a local anesthetic or numbing cream before cleaning and marking the areas to be injected. Once you are prepared, the Sculptra filler will be injected into the deeper layers of your skin at the selected sites. For longer-lasting results, we suggest a series of two to four injections that are done about three weeks apart. Following your appointment, you may have mild to moderate redness, swelling, tenderness, or bruising at the injection areas that should resolve on its own in 3 – 5 days. To encourage healing, you can apply a cold compress to the treated areas. You should limit UV exposure as much as possible after your injection and always use sunscreen. Many patients will see visible improvements immediately following their injections with full results developing after several months when the natural collagen production improves the health of the skin. If performed in a series over 3 – 4 months, your results can last up to two years.

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